Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Soundtrack - Cairodrome / CoLD SToRAGE

"A ball bounces. A pin drops. A man falls. Gravity is the glue that binds us to our planet. We are about to apply the solvent which will free our species forever."
Pierre Belmondo (Director of European AG Research), speaking at a demonstration of anti-gravity technology, Nevada, April 2035
One of the amazing launch titles to Sony's first foray into home videogames with the Playstation was WipEout, Psygnosis' (now Sony Liverpool) slick 3D racing title based around anti-gravity racing in the not so far future. Complete with a stonking techno soundtrack from legendary in house producer Tim Wright, it set a new, mature standard of games for the 20-something generation of gamers during the mid nineties, who by now were into dance music, clubbing, energy drinks and all manner of drugs. Its successor, WipEout 2097, ironed out all the bugs in the first title and added an impressive soundtrack of commercial tracks and in game sponsorship from Red Bull that saw it propelled into videogame history.

Fast forward to now. Sony have continually updated the title, which now sees its races in lavish, high definition quality and online racing of up to eight players. Soundtracks on titles have always adapted with the trends of the times, with quality examples of the best of trance, big beat, breakbeat, drum and bass and more from the likes of Sasha, The Chemical Brothers, Noisia, Photek, Paul Van Dyk, Fluke, Stanton Warriors, ShyFX and more. But it all started with CoLD SToRAGE's efforts, often beginning races with Cairodrome, that  got the blood pumping and he has the honour of being able to stand with the best producers on any roster of WipEout soundtrack artists.

Even better, his back catalogue is available for free on his website: