Saturday, 19 April 2014

Latest CD haul

Quality over quantity this time: some early 2000s Drum & Bass from London Elektricity and a double album from Aquasky. 

Billion Dollar Gravy is an excellent album, as with most Hospital Records releases - lots of rare groove samples over breaks and altogether a sort of lounge lizard feel to this album.

Beat The System has some pretty nice breakbeat and bass tracks, though it does sound quite dated. I must have tons of these CDs and most of them sound very very similar.

A quid for both of them and with very few scratches makes for an excellent deal and it's surprising to see these sorts of things at a car boot sale in Thamesmead. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Nektar Controllers

I recently had a chance to join the product manager for Nektar, the guys who make MIDI controllers with specialised, out-of-the-box control mappings for specific music DAWs (including all the usual suspects like Reason, Live, Cubase etc but also Reaper and Bigwig), for a hands on look at the Bigwig Studio software. Of course, one upshot on this little hour and a half run through was that the new Panorama and Impakt controllers did get promoted quite a bit, so I'd like to take a look into these new keyboards.

LEME2014 - just a few days to go

 Just a few days to go before LEME (London Electronic Music Event) takes place in East London at the weekend, looking forward to it!