Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Three post-ambient glitch-hop albums

I've been listening to a lot of music at work these days, mostly because I don't have the internet at home as I have just moved house. Having recently bought an Orb compilation, I've had a lot of ambient electronic stuff on my phone going to and from work, together with a lot of my newly-found music from going through the suggestions on Youtube. While there are still plenty of ambient soundscapes to be had out there, I do like the current trend of fusing highly polished, glitchy beats with synths and drones, fused with pulsing bass lines.

Here are three out-there albums I'm really enjoying at the moment that fill that niche for very technical electronic music with an ambient bent.

1. OTT / Skylon (2008) [dicogs]
An old album by this list's standards, but no less worthy of inclusion on this list. I've actually had Skylon on my Amazon wishlist for years but it's always been too expensive to buy a CD and seems set to remain so with copies reaching £16 and over. 

Musically it's a strange album whose cover gives nothing away about the music inside, which mutates from straightforward ambient into Orb-like dubby bits and reminds me a little of my experience with the Verbrilli Sound as well.

2. Tipper / Forward Escape (2014) [discogs]

From the old to the very recent, my first experience of Tipper was Pins & Needles on the Keep It Solid Steel, Mr Scruff mix album and the self-titled album it comes from after subsequently tracking it down.

This one is a wholly download only affair, which I think is a shame given the amazing album artwork going on there. The music itself builds perfectly on the foundations laid by previous albums and works really well as a kind of laid-back late evening album.

3. Bluetech / Rainforest Reverberation (2011) [discogs]
Ever since hearing Mr Bill's remix of Unidentified Flying Octopus on Groove Salad, I had to get a copy of this album and fell in love with it. It reminds me a lot of the sort of mid-90s Ultramarine sound that I had grown up with

Either way, this is very catchy stuff indeed, some really technically excellent tracks and a great entry point to the rest of his catalogue.

Got an album you think I would love in the same vein? Hit me up in the comments!

Monday, 11 August 2014

Blog not offline!

Well, a lot of time has passed and there has been a big delay on this blog since the last update. It's not like I have much content to talk about, it's just that I really need the time and I have just moved into my first flat. Of course, no internet means no regular updates until the weekdays when I can sort out blog posts at lunch times.

Normal service to resume shortly, here's the latest track I have a big buzz about!