Saturday, 19 March 2016

Saturday Soundtracks: Spring Yard Zone / Sonic the Hedgehog

Now we're talking! Everyone and their mum has played this game and some of the music and sound design was of a great standard for a launch title. Well, that comment about mums was definitely true for mine; she made it most of the way through Emerald Hill Zone before dying at Robotnik and giving up at the continue screen.

No matter - Spring Yard Zone is a great bit of hard edged FM Hip Hop goodness, even verging into Bobby Brown / Bel Biv Devoe new jack swing with those claps and offbeats. Still great today as it ever was, even if Spring Yard Zone was a fairly short experience compared with later levels like Labyrinth Zone and that this game was shortly surpassed in graphical fidelity and sound by its sequels.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

MyVolts 5 way power splitter cable - Part 2

After the great reaction I got from my first article on MyVolts’ rather handy five way splitter cable I thought I would do some additional testing to see if it can play nicely with some other Korg gear that uses the same power connectors.