Friday, 27 April 2012

Pre-weekend musings

Hello Internet; how you guys doing?

So in all of the excitement in the week, which has had me hopping between London and Cambridge (on Tuesday) and Garstang (today), I've completely left my blogging this week. To be honest, it has been a hectic few days that have left precious little time for anything musical at all and this is likely to continue into next week when my company will be sending me on to another couple of events that we're running – one up in the north in Manchester and the other in Swindon, in the south. This translates to a lack of time to make new music.

First of all, I want to thank everyone on Soundcloud who has decided that I am worth following – at last count I had gone past the 120 mark and I hope to continue this upward trend as much as I can. Whether you are a long time listener or if you've just joined up: thanks for listening and I hope you'll stick around for the ride. Also major kudos to my girlfriend, who has been a bit of a rock of late and deserves more of my love and respect – as usual.

In festival related news, Ether 2012 looks to be non-existent festival this year, which is a shame as I have enjoyed three consecutive years at the South Bank watching a really interesting collection of musicians – not least Lou Reed, Peaches, Killing Joke, The Bays, Beardyman and so on. I haven't heard of any reason why the festival has not been run this year and the South Bank's websites don't seem to have any indication of why this is the case. From the look s of it, there are plenty of other alternative festivals of art and music on offer in the same space and perhaps money or sponsorship money is what's keeping Ether off the agenda.

The recession (which apparently is now a double dip, joy) has already claimed other big events this year, including the disappointment over Sonisphere, and the attention over the Olympics in London is also forcing promoters and events companies to take a long holiday and come back after the summer. I hope to get some tickets for SW4 later in the year and to be able to cover that festival for a second year – especially after Chase & Status have been confirmed to headline one of the days.

Just a point – I have a ton of links to all the reviews and photos I have ever produced (including the recent London Holotronica debut) on this blog, so check out what sort of acts I have seen and go read up.