Saturday, 28 April 2012

Myst - Mechanical Age (Sirrus' Theme)

Days and weeks went by exploring a wonderful and intricate world, full of secrets and surprises. Much like many other games of its time, Myst dumps you into the game world with very little hand holding and it is up to you to piece together what has happened and how to play the game. With fiendish puzzles set in the middle of amazing set-pieces, this set the standard for new point and click adventuring and encouraged the uptake of CD Rom drive sales just so that people could play it.

Now with several sequels and plenty of ports to the Playstation, iOS and other platforms, nothing captures the way I felt about the original in terms of exploring a lovely (yet nowadays dated) 3D environment set to music that fitted the worlds and areas you were in. There are plenty of leitmotifs going around in the game and the Sirrus' theme in the Mechanical Age goes to show how well the music developes the appropriate mood.