Sunday, 1 April 2012

New DSK Music synthesiser

TechSynth Pro from DSK Music
DSK TechSynth Pro VST

    Easy to use VST with plenty of expression and tons of features. 

    Works well for dance and electro lines but is perfectly suited for any kind of electronic music

    Completely free to download!

    I've always been a user, fan and long time admirer of DSK's synthesisers; being that they are high quality, cover a ton of different instruments and sounds and are completely free. So imagine my surprise and delight when one of DSK's more recent offerings blows me away and I just had to write a bit about it.

    This is a nice and straightforward dual wave synthesiser with Filter, LFO and Delay function. There are plenty of tweaks that you can make to the LFO and the Delay is simple and powerful to use. This can work in either Monophonic or Polyphonic mode and the pitch bend works well for making Hoover-like sounds. I especially like the fact that all adjustable knobs have a visual and a numerical value assigned to them, which can really help when tweaking to get the sweet spot. As you can see from the image, the layout of this VST is clean, simple and easy to use and should allow novices and experts alike to coax some great sounds out of it.

    Even better, the VST comes equipped with a built in sequencer (maximum 32 steps), which I have really enjoyed jamming with. Even the 60+ demo patches are solid and really show off the synth well, with nice funky basses, strong leads and jittering arpeggios. For a free 8Mb download, you truely have no excuse to try this one out.

    This and many more great VSTs available from DSK Music