Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mondo Grosso - Shinin'

This isn't just because I bought a PSP on release day (yep, got one of ten 1001 mark PSPs that came to Wallington) or that I think that the PSP is a totally underrated platform for games, but that Lumines was such a standout success for a launch title. Successfully combining bright colours, addictive puzzle action, a straightforward rule set and such great music throughout, this title reminds me of the good, old Sony that used to come out with excellent and enjoyable games. In particular, the cheerful Mondo Grosso's Shinin' is just a joy to hear when starting up a new game and really brings back some good memories of playing this during my year abroad in Germany.

Q! Productions also were responsible for Gunpei, another underrated puzzle title for the platform that I enjoyed, and the port of EEE (Every Extend Extra), which also combines music, pulsing visuals and a spin on shoot 'em up style for a compulsive mix. I'm not sure what they are up to now, but they were responsible for a lot of time spent on my PSP!