Thursday, 16 May 2013

DV247 in dire straits?

Music shop DV247 has announced the closure of all of their UK stores bar the distribution centre in Romford; Essex following their parent company White Rabbit Records going in to administration. In another sad day for the high street, which seems to be shrinking by the day and leaving behind Poundland and Fried Chicken shops, this leaves people unable to demo gear in their regional outlets, though at least for me I will be able to get my fix via a short train journey.

It's a shame to hear, as DV247 keep a wide variety of products available and are perhaps one of the last big names in the UK retail sector for music (I'm thinking of West End DJ now) who still have actual bricks and mortar shops to browse or pick up orders from. Here's to hoping there will be a turnaround for them!

Link to the press release here: