Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mid-June for Korg Volcas?

According to Absolute Music, the lovely new Korg Volcas are going to be available for purchase at some time next month, though I have been unable to verify this release date and I am super excited to get hold of a couple of them for projects.

As I happened to be in the West End this evening, I checked in to the West End DJ store near Tottenham Court Road and asked if they had an idea on release dates. After they called their UK Korg representative, they were given a street date of end July for the Volcas, but with a limited supply until the Autumn.

While it's nice to get a better idea of when the release date will be (you can't get better than direct from Korg!), it also means trying to foster a bit more patience: West End DJ only managed to order 10 sets of all three and knowing that they will sell like hot cakes, they probably won't be around for long. It's also worth pointing out that this is one of the best things about bricks and mortar establishments - you're never going to get a straight answer from websites that contradict each other.

Well, at least I get a couple of months to save up for the beats and bass combination - I have been trying to hold off of buying a Monotribe as I don't think it really suits what I want to do. I did have a hands-on test with one tonight as well and I was struck by how much larger the unit is than I had been lead to believe. Either way, its limitations are thrown in to much sharper focus when compared to the new Volcas, so I think this is just GAS talking!