Saturday, 28 July 2012

Week Off?

Yes, I took a week off from blogging. In amongst all the other things I usually do, I have been:
  • Drinking lots with friends for the opening ceremony for the olympics
  • Signed up to twitter (despite my better judgement) - find me at #southern_trax
  • Going crazy with getting MIDI to USB to work for my Control Freak
  • Watching Hellsing again
  • Moving offices
  • Playing Stalker, GTA 3 and loads of other games after the Steam sale
  • Meeting people from the Netherlands
  • Buying silly microphone gizmos (stay tuned)
So anyway, it's all time to get back into the swing of things. Currently listening to some Amorphous Androgynous after a while and it certainly suits the hangover I have right now. Hey, it's the Future Sound of London by another name - a pastiche of psychaedelia :)