Saturday, 7 July 2012

Bloc Cancelled

After a disappointing time of overcrowding across the site, the Bloc Weekender festival has been closed early by police over fears of health and safety.

I was there to review the night but the review turned into a news story. A shame that I didn't get to see Snoop Dogg after all (or perhaps he refused to go on stage, it's unclear at this point) but at least I got to enjoy Amon Tobin and his wicked stage show. Lots of interesting electronic music fused with gut churning bass and a light show as random and twinkly as the music.

The popular opinion on Twitter and Facebook is that Bloc will be refunding the first day and probably cancelling the second day. As a result, I won't be able to watch Orbital this time around and while it might not be a popular opinion, it is for the best. That said, it is this sort of thing that breaks festival promoters and I will wait and see what happens for the future of the festival. Personally I believe the venue (London Pleasure Gardens) mis-sold the capacity of the venue, which couldn't cope with the numbers of people who attended.

As soon as I have a link to the official story I will post it here.
Update: Bloc have confirmed that Saturday has been cancelled. Damn.

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