Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lots going on...

Bigger is better

Just been jamming away with my Keystation keyboard, meaning that I now have a proper keyboard of four octaves, complete with pitch bend and modulation wheels. It certainly makes playing with the Moog Original V from Arturia more fun, I have to say. Bit tricking finding space for it but it is well worth the effort.
Freak out!

After popping back to my parents' and having a look through their loft I now have regained my Control Freak, for 16 lovely sliders and buttons. Only drawback is that it is a MIDI only device, so I will have to buy a separate MIDI - USB cable type thing. It is also a lot bigger than I remember it being so I will also have to reorganise my desk so that I can fit it in with my Kenton Killamix Mini. Studio photo incoming shortly I feel...

Oh god more games

Right in the middle of everything there's a SUMMER STEAM SALE, which is seriously sapping my will to do anything other than kill, maim, shoot and otherwise enjoy video games. Lots of cool things on offer this time and I definitely interested in getting hold of Max Payne 3 but I reminded that I still have loads of other titles from previous sales to get into. Damn you, Valve!

NAMM back

Summer NAMM has just started this weekend, giving vendors another opportunity for people to browse their wares. If I can find anything awesome to blog about I will (in the meantime, Matrixsynth always keep on top of things).