Saturday, 12 May 2012

Rage Racer - Silver Stream

Another mention of a Ridge Racer title,  it's not difficult to see that I was a big fan of racing games when I had my Playstation and thanks again to Namco, the experience was heightened with the inclusion of some excellent dance music. While CD quality games did mean the death of chiptunes, I do love to listen to high quality soundtracks as well and this from Rage Racer is no exception, with a marked difference from the clubby tracks from its predecessors, preferring a darker sound.

This particular piece Silver Stream from Rage Racer is a great piece of pre-2000s jungle with some excellent double-bass lines, lovely retro piano leads and searing string lines. It's also one of those tracks that flows very well as it develops, with nice chord changes and layered drum patterns that vary the depth of the breaks and drum lines. Personally I wouldn't have bent the bassline quite as much, but as it stands, it works well with the rest of the track. One of the more interesting breaks under it all is the Tighten Up break - it's funny how these breaks turn up everywhere!

Another classy bit of jungle on the same soundtrack is Lightning Luge, which I heartily recommend if you like Silver Stream.