Monday, 21 May 2012

How much??!

A recent study performed by Audio Technica UK has revealed a number of interesting statistics about the amount of music we listen to in the UK.

When you think about it, we've got loads more places we can listen to music nowadays. The Walkman and later the iPod and even smart phones mean that we are not constrained by location any longer when listening to audio recordings. Radio is still everywhere, despite the lack of variety on most commercial play lists and incessant advertisements. Online options have improved as well, with places like Youtube, iTunes and Spotify providing on demand download and streaming services to access music, videos, mixes and podcasts. 

According to the 1000 or so people surveyed, the average person will listen to 4 hours of music per day, leading to around 13 years spent listening to music in the average lifetime. This doesn't sound (if you pardon the pun) too bad at all: as Betrand Russell said, "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time"

I'm sure mine is likely to be longer, all things considered, but I doubt that messing with synthesisers making blips and blops can be considered music.

Oh well; it's always better than spending 4 years of your life on the toilet...

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