Sunday, 29 June 2014

CD Haul 28/06/2014

In a change from my usual CD hauls from car boot sales, this one comes from good old HMV. Despite having a lackluster selection of electronic and dance music (no surprises there I guess), there were quite a few gems on offer that I liked the look of.

Lone - Reality Testing

Not much to say other than it's Lone and of course I'll jump at the chance to buy a Lone CD. This one is a nice selection of dance and hip-hop-inspired electronic tracks but with some ambient drones and lots more thrown in for good measure. While I didn't think I was going to enjoy it as much as, say, Emerald Fantasies, it really has grown on me - I love Airglow Fires!


The Orb - History of the future

A two disc look back at the early career of The Orb as described by Alex Patterson himself, taken from their releases on Island Records. The first CD is a selection of 7" singles with some familiar tracks, though as I am more familiar with their albums than singles it's quite good to have as some of the singles are variations of the album versions - Blue Room in particular! As for disc two, it's full of remixes, which are certainly never a bad thing and I love the Heavy Mix of Majestic and the Ganja Kru Remix of Toxygene in particular. It was £13 reduced to £6 so I think I got a decent purchase there.


FabricLive 68: Calibre & FabricLive 70: Friction

There's not much to discern between these two excellent mix CDs and it's good to see that FabricLive retains a level of quality rarely found in other mix CDs. Certainly it's been a while since I last bought a FabricLive CD (probably #46 LTJ Bukem) - in my mind some well mixed drum and bass follows that CD up nicely in my collection!

Calibre: [Discogs]
Friction: [Discogs]