Tuesday, 10 June 2014

CD Haul: 07/06/2014

Another quick look around my local car boot fair and I came away with a few CDs that looked worth having.

Switched On: The Cool Sound of TV Advertising

I'm really pleased with this find, as both the discs and the case are in completely mint condition - almost as if the copy had been given to someone and thrown in a cupboard as an unwanted gift. It's basically a cheap cash-in compilation of tracks used on adverts, but there's a good selection of end-nineties dance, big-beat and electro stuff. Basically a big trip down memory lane, if you like that sort of thing.


Dance Tip 95

Another double CD release and in not amazing condition (though the CDs play fine), the only reason I bought this was to replace the cassette version that I had as a kid. And what an excellent double album of releases, with hits like Coolio/Gangster's Paradise, Outhere Brothers/BoomBoomBoom, Perfecto Allstars/Papa's Got A Brand New Pig Bag...pretty much all the big dance hits of the mid-nineties (check the discogs entry for a full run down). I think I remember playing Doom on my dad's Atari Jaguar listening to this pumping away - especially as the Jag version doesn't have music playing in the background.


Age of Love - Age of Love Remixes

To be honest, I just bought this for the kooky folding cover and the fact that, as a React label release it had to be good. Actually it's a track I remember from Human Traffic and that I have on other late nineties dance mix releases, but either way it's a nice find and some...so-so remixes.