Monday, 19 May 2014

CD Haul

I suppose this is the whole reason I still dive into CD boxes at car boot sales, it's to find the bits in there that I haven't bought and never got round to buying. I'm talking about clawing past the Westlife singles and Nickelback albums to get the diamonds in the rough - though these days it does seem like the electronic and dance stuff I look for is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of. Either that or the music itself doesn't date quite so quickly as pop - probably the main reason I started collecting electronic music in the first place.

Anyway, it certainly does train your eyes to recognise and exclude the million copies of Boyzone and Billie so you can find something better - in this case four albums for a couple of quid for the lot.

True Playaz In the Mix Volume Two: Honestly the best of the lot, this is a turn of the century drum and bass mix from DJ Hype, featuring a decent amount of Ganja Kru and Hype tracks plus his excellent scratching over the top. Reminds me of his mix for Darklight that I really enjoyed as a kid and well worth 50p. [Discogs]

Back To Mine with Everything But The Girl: Again a pretty good find given that the likes of Groove Armada and Rae & Christian put out albums for these guys, though the choice of bar room house makes me question whether EBTG got the brief for a chill out / downtempo album. Still enjoyable for the Model 500 and Carl Craig tracks however and for so cheap I can't really complain all too much. [Discogs]

Red Rat - Oh No it's Red Rat: Speaking of Groove Armada, the only reason I picked this up at all was for the fact that this rapper worked as a vocalist on Lovebox and Soundboy Rock, well before they went all indie. However I still haven't had a chance to listen to this, but even if it is a lemon from 1997 - on the legendary Greensleeves label no less - then I think I can spare 50p. [Discogs]

St Germain - Tourist: well I had to pick this up as it is fairly decent condition and the album is synonymous with other chill out albums of the time (Kinobe, Air etc) so I had to really. [Discogs]