Monday, 26 May 2014

CD Haul - 25/05/2014

All mix CDs from the car boot fair this time around and for 50p a double album, I don't think I can complain too much, especially considering that the CDs are in pretty good shape for what they are.

Kiss in Ibiza 95

Two CDs of classic mid-nineties dance tracks, which remind me quite a lot of some of the old tapes I used to have as a kid and listened to a lot. Though there's nothing particularly modern, it's a nice blast from the past and some different remixes that I hadn't heard before

Cream Anthems 2001

A slightly more recent release, but on reflection it's still over 10 years old so nothing recent. There are some pretty dated tracks there and again, not many tracks that I don't already have in other releases on KISS, but still nice to have and in pretty good condition.


Euphoric Chillout Breakdown

Pretty much what I actually wanted from the seller's collection, given that I really like the Euphoria collections and I haven't picked up a chillout album in ages. A pretty nice mix of different records, with some chilled out versions of trance floor-fillers as well.