Saturday, 4 January 2014

MicroKorg gone!

Gone but not forgotten
Following in the footsteps of my Akai Miniak, I have finally said goodbye to my MicroKorg after owning it for about a year. It wasn't that anything was wrong with it, only I don't think I was getting the full use of it that I could have done and so out the door it went. I got a quick sale and only got £10 less than what I paid for it, so I'm happy. It actually got sold to a member of band in Brighton called How's Harry so no doubt it will start showing up in gig photos soon!

Having thought about the amount of hardware I had been selling, I have the following to say about hardware these days: if I'm going to own it, I'm going to have to come with a damned good reason to justify it. In more general terms, I don't think that virtual analogue like the MicroKorg is worth going after any more, as there are more flexible and cheaper options available in software as VSTs. When it comes to pads, Synth1 can do more than 4 voice polyphony and can be easily chained with other effects, whilst for leads and basses the Minibrute can beat the MicroKorg hands down. So having analogue gear that does something I can't necessarily do in software or that adds something interesting and unique to the mix is what I'm going after now. 

Another thing is connectivity: both the MicroKorg and the Miniak both were reliant on MIDI only, whilst more modern synths come with USB connections as well. This really simplifies things for me and means that I don't have to fiddle as much getting connections to work.

The fact that NAMM is round the corner and I want something modern and new has nothing to do with it of course...