Saturday, 15 December 2012

Gods / Bitmap Brothers

A really well done introduction track for the Bitmap Brother's game Gods, where a young Greek warrior proves his worth to Olympus through a series of challenges and trials - platform shooting and puzzles. As is customary for a Bitmap game, the lovely 16colour graphics are tempered by the tough, unrelenting and brutal gameplay, with lots of hidden treasures and powerups being awarded for completitionists and curious players who experiement with the many items, switches and traps hidden amongst the levels. It's enjoyable in that it actually rewards slower play to avoid traps and hazards, so the pacing is quite a change from the usual manic platform action of Sonic and the like.

Despite it being on older 16 bit home computers and later ports to the Mega Drive, it remains a solid title with some lovely FM stylised music and sound effects - on the Atari ST music, in game music is disabled, so the game runs nice and fast and is punctuated by some great, crisp sound effects. The introduction theme is notable as a good example of early 90s dance that made it into these commercial games and it's amazing that game designers were able to get fairly decent quality samples of their professionally produced tracks into games, which at that time came on 1.44Mb floppy disks

 Well worth checking out.