Saturday, 22 September 2012

R-Type Theme for Atari ST

Back once again to the venerable Atari ST, a home console that saw an awful lot of arcade ports. Some of these were amazing and great fun, whilst others are not worth mentioning. Amongst all these is the side scrolling R-Type, which had some pretty characterful music on the Atari ST courtesy of the FM sound chip and use of arpeggiated square waves, as you will hear in the video. The only down side to this was that the game used all of the four sound channels (three waves and noise) to create the music, which meant no sound effects in game. These I had to enjoy when I finally found the original on MAME.

Either way, these were great to listen to as I blasted away and as the rest of the port is pretty authentic to the original (bar the slower refresh rate in normal gameplay) I was still able to enjoy the game regardless. It still remains a great shooter, with some memorable bosses and very creepy levels to go up against, with lots of zappy lasers and other power ups.