Saturday, 22 September 2012

Fair Deal Music

I happened to be passing through Birmingham last week and had some time to kill in the town centre before I took my train back to London. I had clocked a really nice musical instruements shop not far from the main station and decided to have a look inside. 

This is an amazing haven of synthesisers, guitars, pianos and more. As you can see from this photo, they had pretty much everything from the last ten years of Korg's lineup, including the Microkorg, R3, Electribes and Kaossilators all lined up in a row, so I was able to spend a good hour "testing" everything out :). They even had some of the new Roland synthesisers (Jupiter 50 and 80 next to each other) and some very expensive physical and electronic pianos as well.

Anyway, if anyone is in Birmingham and is looking to get some hands on time with a new synthesiser, give these guys a call and take a look. I feel bad for walking out not having spent anything there but I already own a Microkorg so there's not much I can justify at the moment (although I did like the idea of a Mini KP Kaoss Pad).