Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Logistics - Fear Not!

Label – Hospital Records
Release - 2012
Length - 15 tracks / 70 minutes
Genres – Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Drumstep.

Not content to sit back on his laurels, Logistics has come back with a new collection of rave-inspired, bass-heavy tracks designed to shake the dance floor; just in time to lay the groundwork ahead of Hospitality festival dates in the summer. No stranger to pumping dance music, this release harkens back to his beginnings in drum and bass and forges new ground with some excellent drumstep/ dubstep material as well.

Basslines are nice and varied, with excellent wind ups and breaks that match the mood of each track well and a nice of mix of different styles helps keep things interesting. As with all Hospitality tracks, production values on this album are absolutely excellent and this release sits well amongst the rest of their back catalogue.

Highlights including the title track Fear Not (a fine slab of modern dnb with vocal sampling and manipulation), Feel So Good (catchy drumstep), Timelapse (a spacey track reminiscient of Nu:Tone) and Crystal Skies (excellent soulful vocals). While one or two fail to hit the same highs, at 15 tracks in length you really do get your money's worth (£8 for the LP) and you would be hard pressed to feel upset at all.

All in all, an absolutely great album and well worth picking up ahead of the festival season.