Sunday, 17 June 2012

Figure - iOS

This weekend, I have finally gotten round to adding my new card details to iTunes so I can catch up on other bits and pieces that have come out that I can play with on my iPod Touch. Initially I had a couple of albums that I wanted to buy and then remembered that Propellerhead had released their Figure iOS program and I had been meaning to get hold of it - this had previously been announced during the NAMM 2012 show earlier in the year. 

Given the ridiculously cheap price tag, I thought it was worth having a look at and I was more than pleased after playing around with it. Although it's not a particularly extensive app, it's perfect for making catchy tracks quickly and really fun to make mini mixes.

Intuitive interface
Straightforward and clean design
Easy to change key signature 
Excellent selection of drum kits and synthesisers
Cheap (69p on the iTunes store)


Limited parameter adjustment
Limited genres to work with (anything Amen-base isn't so great)
No output / saving of your music
Only 1 eight bar pattern to play with

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