Saturday, 16 November 2013

Saturday Soundtracks: TMNT Tournament Fighters

Part of the problem with doing posts reminiscing about video game music, is that eventually you have trouble remembering all the games and their music that you enjoyed back in the day after doing the really obvious stuff.

Hence, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters was a bit more of an obscure title to remember; a Street Fighter wannabe that took a collection of characters from the hit TV show and some more obscure ones as well (Ray Fillet and Sisyphus, anyone?) and stuck them in a beat 'em up for both SNES and Mega Drive. Being a Sega kid, I had the latter system and I think it was a friend of my brother's round the corner who had a copy of this game. It's certainly not as refined as its SNES cousin, or even as a Street Fighter clone, but it has the Turtles in it, which instantly makes up for it.

As for the soundtrack, the music was definitely worth a listen, way back from a time when FM based FM-based synth basses and leads were starting to come into their own. Some of the synth percussion on the soundtrack is great perfect for making thumpy dance tracks with for a fighting game, with April O'Neil's stage a particularly catchy number. This isn't just because she's the only female character in a tank top though; she's a tough fighter to play against.

Even better, some of the other tracks showcase some excellent nu jack swing, with a really funky vibe: case in point, Sisyphus' stage. Just dig those varied drums, snares and incidental percussion hits.