Sunday, 27 October 2013

RIP Lou Reed - 71

According to a Rolling Stone article, Velvet Underground front man Lou Reed has died with the cause of death unknown/unreleased as yet. A pioneer in the New York art scene, his work with Velvet Underground and plentiful solo work earned him recognition and fame - his album Transformer being the most accessible and popular.

I once saw Lou Reed as part of his avant guarde Metal Machine trio a few years ago at Ether. Even from my spot in the audience half way up the Elizabeth Hall, it was clear that the man had aged considerably. A consequence from the rock and role lifestyle, no doubt; unfortunately I wouldn't class Metal Machine Trio as his best work as this is best left to singles like Perfect Day.

While I was glad to know the original before this BBC-commissioned version, it's worth a look for the variety of different celebrity artists taking part. Nice to see M-People frontwoman Heather Small in there as well (I wonder what happened to her).

His influence extends beyond rock and roll, with tracks like Walk on the Wild Side being sampled by A Tribe Called Quest and other tracks receiving other contemporary covers - the funking good Satellite of Love got a 2004 remix that I remember well.

RIP Lou Reed.