Saturday, 21 September 2013

30 Years of MIDI - NAMM 2013 Panel

An amazing lineup of six people on the NAMM 2013 panel, featuring a good collection of artists, technologists, keyboardists and more. Anyone starting to watch this panel should know at least one or more of these influential panelists, but this panel also includes the surprising inclusion of the late great George Duke.

Now that 30 years have passed, it's amazing to see that MIDI in its original format is still going strong and while it still continues to do what it was designed to do, there are definitely some limitations with the specification that need addressing. Judging from comments and conversations, there does seem to be a need to be able to implement better parameter control from synthesisers and other MIDI-enabled instruments. As Dave Smith points out at around the 18 minute mark, MIDI was developed and optimised with what was available in the 70s/80s and to work well for keyboard synthesisers specifically, though he appreciates that the demands of artists are growing.

A fascinating panel to watch and quite informative to the modern artist/engineer, not least for the combination of panelists that will never be eclipsed.