Saturday, 6 July 2013

Grand Theft Auto Soundtrack

GTA, the game that started the entire franchise and spawned huge, immersive worlds was just as enjoyable as a top down experience when playing on a Playstation as a kid. I recall a lot of controversy about the game, as playing as a criminal and breaking laws weren't such big things in video games back in the 90s. Characters that were thieves stealing things were often portrayed in cartoon fashion with a lack of blood or were in the context of a spy or espionage genre, so outright criminal rampage was something new. And as history has shown, it hasn't outright lead to the downfall of society and the corruption of youth.

Something that struck me was the music - all the cars had radio stations that would play different music and while all of it was by unfamiliar artists  (and still remain so!), this means that I associate their tracks with this game alone. The hip hop is classy and jazzy, the country and pop tracks are as catchy as ever and the dance tracks are pumping in true 90s fashion. As a result, whenever I hear these stations, I get a big nostalgia hit for the wasted sessions, though sadly it's not enough to make me want to play a few lives.