Saturday, 22 June 2013

New track - Cerium

Not an awful lot more to say than I have already done on Soundcloud, other than to say that I really enjoyed making a concept track involving the 80s. Hope you enjoy!

From Soundcloud:

"Out on the mean streets of Mega Noir City, one man stands alone against the gangs, the pushers, the murderers.

I've been reading and watching a lot about Blood Dragon (I will eventually get round to buying and playing it) but the one thing that has struck me about it was the whole 80s-vibe to the music and styling. The machines and synths they had were not perfect and some of them were just moving into Frequency Modulation, but used properly they sounded just as good as any other. It also reminded me of just why I love John Carpenter movies, where he not only directed but also recorded the majority of the score himself on synthesisers.

Cue Cerium. Something different from me compared to what I usually upload, so consider this a bit of a musical interlude. Hopefully it inspires all those feelings you had when you first watched Terminator and other 80s movies!"