Thursday, 4 October 2012

Human Traffic - Record Shop Scene

A blast from the past for me and a classic scene from the 90s film Human Traffic; a story of four friends in Cardiff living crap lives who live for the weekend, featuring drinks, drugs, pubs and clubs. Acting as a blueprint for clubbing and also preserving the story of people clubbing in the early 90s, this film is easy on the eyes, funny throughout and  full of great moments, making it instantly quotable. It also features a very young Danny Dyer, Rick Grimes and John Simm (amongst others), who turn up regularly in BBC TV shows and films these days. Given the subject material, Human Traffic carries some amazing records as soundtrack including CJ Bolland, Aphrodite, Ferry Corsten, Fatboy Slim and Death in Vegas.

This scene sees Koop, the smooth talking record shop owner, dealing with his customers (who would turn up at the club later on) with style. The guy who asks if he's got any Jungle in is actually the director of the film, Justin Kerrigan, which makes him one of the best independant directors the UK has see. The T-shirt and use of Stakker alone makes this scenes - enjoy!

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