Sunday, 18 March 2012

Welcome to the bunker

I thought I'd write something just to outline the idea of putting together this blog.

I've been making music even since I started getting into computers; I've got saves of tracks on programs so old I don't even own the original software any more and don't think I'll ever stop. Music has always been a hobby of mine, whether its collecting, making it, listening to it, going to live gigs and festivals, whatever. Sometimes I get inspired to make music and other times....well, I prefer to just enjoy it.

This weekend, I've just felt ill as hell and rather than sleep it off, I've been collecting stuff that I've written for other websites (in particular, which at the time of writing is currently down) with the intention of keeping it up to date with music-related stories. Whether its musings on production, hardware reviews of things I've bought or updates to my soundcloud, there should be plenty to go on.

Hope you enjoy and stick around; if you want to keep in touch, use the RSS feeds or bookmark me.